Vareš Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Okruglica Police station (former) Plaque to commemorate base of Zvijezda Partisan Detachment Memorial Plaque 1953
Okruglica Fountain to commemorate place of formation of Zvijezda Partisan Detachment Fountain 1951 Yes Known locally as 'Kiseljak'. Memorial plaque no longer exists.
Okruglica Collective grave of fighters of the Eastern Bosnian Brigade & other NOVJ units Communal Grave 1953 Yes Obelisk survives, but enclosure destroyed.
Pajtov Han Along main road from Breza Relief to commemorate attack on armoured train Artwork 1962 Marijan Kocković Yes Includes stone block inscribed with names of fallen fighters directly below the relief
Vareš Ul. Zvijezda 'Rudar' monument Monument 1958 Yes
Tisovci Village centre Monument to Branko Jelić and Alojz Mirčić Monument 1956 Yes Renovated between 2010 and 2015
Dragovići Village centre Fountain to commemorate the formation of the village's People's Liberation Committee and fallen fighters Fountain 1951 Yes Fountain no longer in function and plaque covered in graffiti by 2010. Restored prior to March 2013.
Vareš In front of elementary school Memorial ossuary of Partisan fighters Ossuary 1977 Zlatko Ugljen Yes
Vareš Bust of Rešad Saletović Bust Yes Created after 1970 but before 1981
Vareš Majdan Alongside main road Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR Monument 1951 Yes
Duboštica Monument to commemorate Gligor Radovanović and Jovica Kokanović Monument 1960 Yes
Mijakovići Fountain to commemorate Redžo Golić and Avdo Ibrišimović Fountain 1952 Yes Renovated between 2011 and 2018
Mijakovićke Poljice Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR Monument 1953 Yes Restored September 2020
Vareš Exit of town Relief to commemorate the Working Class Artwork Marijan Kocković Yes
Dabravine Collective grave of fallen fighters Communal Grave 1954
Šikulje Beside local cemetery Ossuary of Victims of Fascist Terror Ossuary 1951 Yes Restored in recent years, with plaque replaced and cross added.
Vareš Local clinic Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters and NOVJ units Memorial Plaque Created before 1981
Mir Entrance to village, on left side of road Memorial fountain Fountain No Created prior to 1966. Fountain still in function, but plaque no longer exists.
Pržić Monument to the NOB Monument 1965 Zlatko Ugljen
Vareš House of the Andrijević family (former) Plaque to commemorate meetings of the local Partisan group Memorial Plaque Replaced Created and destroyed prior to 1959. Replaced when building demolished
Vareš Site of the house of the Andrijević family (former) Plaque to commemorate meetings of the local Partisan group Memorial Plaque 1959 Yes
Karasanovina Javorje mountaineers' lodge Plaque to commemorate mountaineers who fell in the NOB Memorial Plaque 1961 Yes
Slavin Fountain to commemorate fallen fighters Fountain 1961
Planinica Monument to the NOB Monument Replaced Lay in ruins as of 2011. Replaced 2015.