Maglaj Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Osojnica Partisan cemetery with 60 fallen fighters Cemetery 1961
Smajlovac Fountain to commemorate place of formation of first local Partisan unit Fountain 1968 Enver Dedić
Čakalovac Beside Doboj-Maglaj road Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1957 Yes Expanded 1985, heavily damaged 1992-95, first restoration phase in 2000, several since, with most recent in 2018-19
Maglaj In front of cinema Bust of Ibrisim Obralić 'Briso' Bust 1971 Drago Handanović Yes Now stands in front of library.
Novi Šeher In front of local clinic Monument to 16 fallen fighters Monument 1978 Yes Renovated 2003
Maglaj Town library Bust of NH Petar Dokić Bust Created after 1972. In storage in 2015. Unveiled in present location in 2017.
Maglaj Town library Bust of NH Sulejman Omerović Car Bust Created after 1972. Unveiled in present location in 2017.
Brezici Village cemetery Monument to commemorate preparations for the Uprising Monument 1958 Vareno Korošec Yes
Ošve Monument to commemorate 67 Victims of Fascist Terror Monument Most likely created in first half of 1950s. Destroyed 1992
Brezici Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate place of death of 11 fighters of the Eastern Bosnian Brigade Memorial Plaque 1952 Yes School building lies in ruins, but plaque survives in good condition.
Brezici Pizdinovac spring, close to former elementary school Fountain to commemorate Božo Spasojević Fountain 1956 Yes Plaque slightly damaged by 2013. Replaced between 2013 and 2020.
Brezici Pansion Živković Plaque to commemorate Command of the Ozren Partisan Detachment Memorial Plaque 1951 Yes Situated on former house of Božo Spasojević.
Brezici Monument to fallen fighters of the Ozren Partisan Detachment Monument Yes
Čakalovac Partisans' cemetery Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1957 Vareno Korošec
Maglaj Plaque to commemorate the Uprising Memorial Plaque 1957
Novi Šeher Plaque to commemorate meeting held by Koča Popović Memorial Plaque 1951
Brezici Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate Partisan hospital Memorial Plaque 1948
Brezove Dane Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Mainly fighters of the XIV Central Bosnian Brigade buried here. Remains possibly relocated at a later date.