Rogatica Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Rogatica Jewish cemetery Monument to Jews who died in the NOB Monument
Rogatica Lužnica cemetery Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Yes Established in early 1950s.
Rogatica Former municipality building Plaque to commemorate residence of Supreme Command & Tito Memorial Plaque No
Stjenice Stubleno Brdo Monument to commemorate those who fell in the Uprising Monument 1950 Relocated Relocated several metres down the hillside in recent years, due to erosion
Gučevo Monument to the Gučevo Partisan Detachment Monument Created between 1971 and 1973
Gučevo Memorial fountain Fountain
Mesići Opposite former train station Monument to fallen fighters Monument Yes
Seljani Village cemetery Monument to commemorate prvoborac Veso Racković Monument
Seljani Fountain to commemorate Veso Racković Fountain 1954
Lađevina Village cemetery Cemetery of Partisan fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Cemetery
Rogatica High school centre Plaque to commemorate NH Ragib Džindo Memorial Plaque 1951 Yes February 2018
Mesići Park in front of hydroelectric plant Bust of NH Slaviša Vajner Čiča Bust Mustafa Neretlić
Rogatica Bust of Rasim Džindo Bust Mustafa Neretlić
Rogatica Bust of NH Ragib Džindo Bust Mustafa Neretlić Created prior to 1985
Vragolovi Drijenjak Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1959 Still existed as of 2012
Okruglo Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters Memorial Plaque No Created after 1972
Borike Elementary school Bust of NH Suljo Jahić Bust Created prior to 1985