Bratunac Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Bratunac Ul. 17. Aprila Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1972 Petar Krstić Yes In relatively poor condition
Fakovići Beside local clinic Collective grave of fallen members of the Srebrenica Partisan Division and Victims of Fascist Terror Communal Grave 1953
Žlijebac Entrance to village Fountain to commemorate fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Fountain 1983 Yes
Bratunac Bridge over the Drina leading to Ljubovija Plaque to commemorate first armed assault in this region in August 1941 Memorial Plaque 1966
Bratunac Town centre, old hotel Plaque to commemorate formation of first municipal People's Liberation Committee Memorial Plaque 1951
Bratunac Cemetery Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters Memorial Plaque 1954
Bratunac Tobacco processing plant (former) Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1954 No
Bratunac Warehouse of tobacco processing plant (former) Plaque to commemorate gathering place for First Liberation of Bratunac Memorial Plaque 1966
Fakovići Plaque to commemorate formation of first Partisan Group from the Srebrenica region Memorial Plaque 1953
Fakovići Plaque to commemorate house of Prvoborac Andrija Marković Memorial Plaque 1983
Fakovići Plaque to commemorate first People's Liberation Committee for Fakovići Memorial Plaque 1951
Fakovići Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate NH Dušan Jerković Memorial Plaque 1959
Fakovići Elementary school (former) Bust of NH Dušan Jerković Bust
Kravica Village centre Plaque to commemorate Bogomir Karaklajić Memorial Plaque 1950 Renewed 1983
Kravica Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate Petar Božić Memorial Plaque 1953 Yes