Višegrad Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Prelovo Elementary school Plaque to commemorate NH Želimir Đurić Željo Memorial Plaque 1959
Višegrad Cultural centre (former elementary school) Plaque to commemorate NH Želimir Đurić Željo Memorial Plaque 1959
Prelovo Trševine Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 1965 Yes Ossuary of 34 fighters killed in ambush by Chetniks on 25 December 1943. Cleaned extensively May 2019.
Višegrad Bikavac Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 40 fallen fighters buried here by 1960.
Višegrad Grammar school (former) Plaque to commemorate the first Liberation of Višegrad in 1943 Memorial Plaque 1956 No Plaque dated 1957. Lay smashed on the ground in the vicinity of the Old Bridge in c. 2010, after demolition of the building.
Višegrad 'Vistad' factory (former) Plaque to commemorate Revolutionaries imprisoned on this site in 1936 Memorial Plaque 1956
Hrtar In woodland Fountain to commemorate Partisan fighters who died crossing the Drina in September 1943 Fountain 1957
Višegrad Bikavac Ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary Created after 1961. Possibly replaced Partisans' cemetery.
Omerovići Monument to the NOB Monument Still existed as of 2010.
Višegrad Bust of NH Hamid Beširević Bust 1961 Miroslav Protić
Višegrad Plaque to commemorate location of prison established in 1935 to hold KPJ members Memorial Plaque 1955 Yes