Banovići Municipality


Banovići municipality lies in Tuzla Canton, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, with its pre-1992 borders remaining unchanged.

In June 1970, a survey of monuments and memorials to the NOB was conducted on the territory of Banovići municipality, with 8 such memorials being recorded (1 memorial plaque, 1 bust, 3 artistic monuments, and 3 individual or collective graves). Subsequent to this, no other study was ever conducted on the territory of Banovići municipality, to the best of the author’s knowledge. Banovići’s current spatial plan, spanning 2015 to 2035 (Općina Banovići, 2017) lists 4 monuments related to the NOB and subsequent workers’ movement as monuments of local importance (p.221). Additionally, it should be noted that the monument to the NOB in the settlement of Banovići Selo (consisting of an ossuary with five interred individuals and a stone frieze) lies upon a property registered as a National Monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina since 2005.

In June 2018, correspondence with a representative of “Udruženje gradjana Josip Broz Tito Banovići” led to the provision of a comprehensive list of monuments lying upon the territory of the municipality. This was used as the primary basis for field research conducted by Adis Mujkić and others between December 2018 and April 2019. Subsequent to this research, another monument was discovered to exist on the territory of the municipality; a large memorial plaque at the summit of Konjuh mountain. This is not included in the report below.

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Oskova Brioni Monument to commemorate the construction of the Brčko-Banovići line Monument 1946 Yes December 2018 In excellent condition.
Banovići Selo Approx. 15m north of stećak tombstones Burial site of 5 Partisan fighters with memorial Cemetery 1975 Yes December 2018 Consists of five grave markers and a carved white marble frieze.
Banovići Bus station Plaque to commemorate visit by Josip Broz Tito Memorial Plaque 1956 Yes December 2018 Commemorates 10th anniversary of a visit to the town by Josip Broz Tito. Plaque in good condition, although surroundings deteriorated.
Banovići Workers' hall Murals to commemorate the NOB Artwork 1967 Ismet Mujezinović Yes December 2018 Set of 4 murals. In good condition, although damage evident on upper-right portion of one mural.
Banovići Entrance to mine ‘Rudar’ monument Monument 1961 Dragiša Trifković Relocated December 2018 Relocated to town park. Possibly dates to 1966.
Željova Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 1958 Yes December 2018 Burial site of 19 Partisan fighters, including National Hero Bogoljub Čukić. Renovated 2007, and in very good condition, although appearance is heavily altered.
Omazići Beside football stadium Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 1974 Yes February 2019 Consists of small white marble plaque set into concrete base.
Gornji Bučik Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1980 Yes December 2018 White marble frieze and 9 individual grave markers. Surrounding area heavily landscaped in 2021.
Banovići Banovići elementary school Bust of Moša Pijade Bust 1970 Ostoja Đurić In storage December 2018 Made of stone, and created before 1970. Pedestal still in situ, bust relocated to school basement.
Mrljevići Grave of Anto Mrkić Grave Yes February 2019 Marks the place of death of Anto Mrkić (1908-1943). Mrkić's remains were later exhumed and re-interred in the Partisans' cemetery in Husino.
Pribitkovići Grave of Salih Memić Grave 1985 Yes February 2019 Remains possibly exhumed and relocated.
Konjuh Summit Monument to commemorate numerous battles fought on and around Konjuh Monument Yes May 2019 Pre-dates 1975, renovated some point after this date, and minor repairs carried out c.2017. [NOTE: Not included in report.]
Treštenica Donja North of village centre Monument to the NOB Monument 1956 Yes In good condition. Incorporated into memorial park for 1992-95 war. [NOTE: Not included in report.]

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Number Name
1 Monument to the NOB, Banovići Selo
2 Monument to commemorate the opening of the Brčko-Banovići line, Oskova
3 Plaque to commemorate visit by Josip Broz Tito, Banovići
4 Murals to commemorate the NOB, Banovići
5 'Rudar' monument, Banovići
6 Memorial ossuary, Željova
7 Memorial ossuary, Omazići
8 Partisans’ cemetery, Gornji Bučik
9 Bust of Moša Pijade, Banovići
10 Grave of Anto Mrkić, Mrljevići
11 Grave of Salih Memić, Pribitkovići
12 Monument to commemorate numerous battles, Konjuh
(precise coordinates can be obtained by contacting the author


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Adis Mujkić

Adis Mujkić (b. 1995 in Tuzla) is a resident of Lukavac. Adis has been mapping and photographing monuments to the People’s Liberation War for since September 2018, and has so far worked on municipalities throughout Tuzla Canton, and co-authored the reports on Kladanj and Lukavac municipalities. He is a student at the University of Tuzla’s Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering, and currently works in the logistics sector.