Pale Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Pale Central park Memorial ossuary of fighters from Pale and surrounding area with statue Ossuary 1951 Yes October 2021 Contains remains of 58 fighters from Pale, and 41 from other areas. Also contains plaque dedicated to fallen fighters buried elsewhere. Base of statue signed 'J. Kirn'.
Pale Central park Bust of NH Milan Simović Bust 1951 Yes October 2021 Made of marble
Pale Central park Bust of NH Mihajlo Čvoro Bust Yes October 2021 Made of marble
Jahorina Dom JNA (former) Plaque to commemorate attack on enemy forces Memorial Plaque 1978
Pustopolje Former police station Plaque to commemorate attack on police barracks in 1941 Memorial Plaque 1954
Podgrab Local clinic (former) Plaque to commemorate meeting to organize the Uprising Memorial Plaque Yes October 2021 Building previously lay within the boundaries of Sjetlina
Hotočina Majdan Fountain commemorating fallen soldiers and NH Slaviša Vajner Čiča Fountain 1953 Yes May 2020 Rebuilt in new location in 1983, incorporating memorial plaque from original fountain
Bistrica Right hand side of Pale - Jahorina road Ossuary containing remains of 21 fallen Partisans Ossuary 1963 Yes
Krivače Close to Vladimir Perić Valter electric distribution centre (former) Monument to commemorate site of execution of 48 prisoners from Sutjeska Monument 1983 Dženana Goleš
Rakovac Krivodoli Memorial ossuary of 19 Victims of Fascist Terror killed in November 1943 Ossuary 1958 Yes Burials were undertaken in 1943.
Rakovac Bašče Memorial ossuary of 59 Victims of Fascist Terror killed in November 1943 Ossuary 1973 Yes Victims were burned alive. Five-pointed star removed and cross added in its place in recent years.
Podvitez Elementary school Plaque to commemorate Ilija Grbić Memorial Plaque 1954 Yes October 2021
Podvitez Elementary school Plaque to commemorate Ilija Grbić and 30th anniversary of Malih Novina Memorial Plaque 1966 Yes October 2021
Podloznik Dobra Voda Ossuary of 88 fighters of the Prača Battalion of the Romanija NOP Ossuary Created before 1961.
Bogovići Tito's Cave Plaque at place where Tito rested following the Battle of Sutjeska Memorial Plaque 1975 No Destroyed before 1992-95 war, possibly 1991. Fragments of plaque remain in situ.
Stambolić Approx. 70m south-west of former railway station Bust of NH Milan Simović Bust 1961 No October 2021 Pedestal still in situ. Second pedestal beside commemorates individual killed in 1992-95 war.
Sjetlina Former train station Plaque to commemorate the Liberation of Sjetlina Memorial Plaque 1953 Yes October 2021
Podgrab Post office Bust of NH Milan Simović Bust 1967 Ranko Milanović No October 2021 Cladding added to pedestal at a later date, before 1989. Bust missing, pedestal still in situ. Building was formerly an elementary school.
Podgrab Along main road, next to church Ossuary containing remains of 101 fallen Partisan fighters Ossuary 1984 Luka Ilić, Ranko Marković Yes October 2021 Ossuary created at this site containing 30 fallen fighters unveiled in 1953. Current version replaced ossuary dating to 1961. Also commemorates 224 Victims of Fascist Terror from the area. Memorials to those who fell in other wars added beside.
Mokro Hill above elementary school Memorial ossuary of 47 fallen fighters Ossuary 1960 Luka Ilić, Ranko Marković Yes Previous ossuary unveiled in 1953. Heavily renovated and moved to current location in 1984
Mokro Police station (former) Plaque to commemorate members of the Romanija Partisan Detachment who fell in the first Liberation of Mokro Memorial Plaque 1955
Pavlovac Mokrine Plaque to commemorate formation of the Jahorina Partisan Detachment Memorial Plaque 1953 Ljupko Lukić Made of wood.
Bogovići Fountain to commemorate stay of Supreme Command Fountain 1954