Ljubinje Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Gornja Kapavica Guvno, Kapavica Jama 2 communal graves containing 104 Victims of Fascist Terror Communal Grave 1961 Yes Additions made to site in 1983, and further alterations made post-1995
Vardište Cemetery of 31 Victims of Fascist Terror Cemetery 1961
Vođeni Pandurica Jama Plaque to commemorate Victims of Fascist Terror Memorial Plaque 1961 Re-dedicated Plaque replaced at some point after 2012
Vlahovići Beside main road Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1951 Yes
Vlahovići Elementary school Plaque to commemorate preparations for attack on Prebilovci, Čapljina and Metković in 1942 Memorial Plaque 1962 Yes August 2019 School burnt down in recent years, but plaque survives.
Rankovci Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1989 Yes
Ljubinje Town centre Monument to the NOB Monument