Grude Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Ružići Collective grave of 23 fighters of III Dalmatian Brigade Communal Grave 1951
Tihaljina Collective grave of fighters of Dalmatian and Montenegrin Divisions Communal Grave 1961
Tihaljina Plaque to commemorate formation of People's Liberation Council Memorial Plaque 1963
Donji Mamići Podledinac Monument at site of execution of Grgo Macan in September 1944 Monument 1961
Drinovci Dubrava Memorial obelisk at site of execution of SKOJ members Rudo Glavaš and Ilija Primorac Monument 1961
Boranja Village cemetery Grave of NOP activists Mate and Mila Simić Grave 1966
Gorica Dom Kulture Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters, the People's Liberation Movement and Jozo Sosa Memorial Plaque 1963
Tihaljina Village cemetery Grave of Matiša Mlinarević Grave 1961