About this website

The aim of this website is to present the current status and condition of all monuments and memorials to the People’s Liberation War (1941-45) on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. For the time being, the research presented has been limited to Bosnia & Herzegovina, but, with time, it is hoped that the website will grow to include all of Yugoslavia’s successor states.

It attempts to document:

- All locations at which such monuments and memorials exist (or existed)
- Their dates of creation (and, where relevant, removal or destruction)
- Restoration, commemoration and maintenance practices in the present day and recent past
- Artists and authors involved in their creation
- Textual content of all such monuments and memorials, both in the past and in the present day

All sites are visited and photographed by volunteers. Usually, one or two volunteers are responsible for covering a single municipality, but a number of volunteers have covered multiple municipalities. 

If you are aware of the existence of a monument or memorial that is not documented upon this website or are able to provide any further details about any that are, please contact us to provide any information you may have. Likewise, if you want to assist in mapping and photographing monuments and memorials within a municipality not yet included on the website, we would love to hear from you!

Photographs and information available on this site are free to use for educational and academic purposes, but please cite the source(s) in your work. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information relating to older photographs used on this page. However, if you are aware of any inaccuracies or are able to provide any additional information, please let us know.


This website was created with the intention of making the ongoing research of Andrew Lawler available to the public. Since 2013, Andrew has been compiling lists of monuments and memorials commemorating the People’s Liberation War and Revolution throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina, with the aim of creating reports on the monument stock for individual municipalities, with the first such report having been completed in May 2018 (Sapna municipality). Since then, a number of reports have been created by Andrew and other authors. The intention is to eventually create reports for all municipalities in Bosnia & Herzegovina and to combine with similar efforts in Yugoslavia’s successor states.

Development on the website began in late 2019, with the idea of allowing information to be more easily searched and shared, to enable other authors to create reports, and to allow individuals to contribute additional information. To date, dozens of volunteers have assisted in the mapping and photography of sites, and their biographies are available to view in the Credits section of this website.