Prozor-Rama Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Prozor Kralja Tomislava, opposite police station Partisans' cemetery with 81 fallen fighters Cemetery 1954 Yes July 2019
Prozor Town park Monument to commemorate the liberation of Prozor in July 1942 Monument 1962 Yes July 2019 Commemorative plaque destroyed
Prozor Town park Bust of Omer Osmić 'Deda' Bust No July 2019 Created after 1968. Pedestal still in situ.
Prozor Town park Bust of Tomo Mendeš Bust No July 2019 Created after 1968. Pedestal still in situ.
Prozor Town park Bust of Osman Sabitović Bust 1959 No July 2019 Pedestal still in situ.
Prozor Town park Grave of Drago Malić Grave Yes July 2019 Headstone recently replaced.
Prozor Town park Grave of Rasim Dželilović Grave Yes July 2019
Prozor Roundabout on Kralja Tomislava Plaque to commemorate the I Dalmatian Proletarian Brigade Memorial Plaque Yes July 2019 Building destroyed, plaque seemingly re-affixed to wall.
Prozor Plaque to commemorate residence of the Supreme Command Memorial Plaque 1951 Unknown Building also possibly used as a memorial house
Heljdovi HE Rama Relief to commemorate the Revolution Artwork 1966 Marijan Kocković Yes September 2019
Makljen Monument to commemorate the Battle on the Neretva Monument 1978 Boško Kućanski No July 2019 Destroyed in 2000. Framework survives. Declared a National Monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Makljen Monument to commemorate battles in surrounding area from 25 February to 5 March 1943 Monument 1963 Unknown
Makljen Crni Vrh Monument to the I Dalmatian Brigade Monument 1963 Unknown
Vilića Gumno Monument to commemorate victory on 3 March 1943 Monument Unknown Created prior to 1978
Šćit Franciscan Monastery Plaque to commemorate place where Tito gave the command "Prozor noćas mora pasti!" Memorial Plaque 1951 No July 2019
Proslap Mill Plaque to commemorate place where decision was made to destroy bridge at Jablanica Memorial Plaque Unknown
Rumboci Beside elementary school Fountain to commemorate Battle for the Wounded Fountain 1963 Yes September 2019 In poor condition and covered in graffiti, with fountain no longer in function
Duge Fountain to commemorate fallen fighters Fountain Created between 1968 and 1978.
Prozor Dom Kulture Monument to commemorate the I Dalmatian and X Herzegovinian Brigades Monument Created prior to 1962.
Prozor 'Makljen' shop (former) Plaque to commemorate holding of first regional Party conference in October 1944 Memorial Plaque 1951
Ponir Rock outcrop Plaque to commemorate decision to initiate the Uprising Memorial Plaque 1962
Heljdovi Marina Pećina Plaque to commemorate the X Herzegovinian NOU Brigade Memorial Plaque 1952
Gubašnica Gaj Fountain to mark the place of formation of Prozor's KPJ cell and the XVII Krajinan Brigade Fountain 1954
Šćit Plaque to commemorate the NOB Memorial Plaque 1981