Lopare Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Lopare Cara Dušana, church yard Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR Monument 1951 Yes
Lopare Former elementary school on main street (former Maršala Tita) Plaque to commemorate SKOJ meeting in February 1942 Memorial Plaque 1949
Lopare Sveti Sava elementary school Bust of Ivan Marković Irac Bust 1986 Senka Pajkan, Dražen Kosec No Pajkan created the bust, Kosec designed the pedestal and surrounding area
Lopare Dom Zdravlja Bust of Dr. Rosa Hadživuković Bust 1980 Dragiša Trifković No Bust and pedestal both removed before 2016.
Lopare Ul. Cara Dušana 6 Plaque on residence of NH Dojčin Lukić Memorial Plaque Yes
Lopare Veselinovac Monument to 58 Victims of Fascist Terror executed in June 1944 Monument
Lopare Potok Plaque to commemorate Victims of Fascist Terror Memorial Plaque
Vukosavci Vukosavci Memorial Complex Memorial Park 1954 Ismet Mujezinović, Drago Tršar, Zlatko Ugljen, Branko Tadić Yes Expanded and re-designed in 1974. Re-design includes elements by Zlatko Ugljen. Central monument by Drago Tršar created in 1985.
Vukosavci Fountain to commemorate place of death of Dr. Rosa Hadživuković Fountain
Vukosavci Plaque to commemorate residence of NH Krsto Bjeletić - Krcun Memorial Plaque 1974
Vukosavci House of Nedo Popović Plaque to commemorate Command of the Majevica Detachment from October 1941 to February 1942 Memorial Plaque
Tobut Memorial ossuary Ossuary
Labucka Kurjača Fountain to commemorate first oath-reading of the 1st Majevica Partisan Detachment in October 1941 Fountain Yes
Priboj Elementary school Bust of Veljko Čubrilović Bust 1983 Located inside school. Still existed as of 2013.
Priboj Close to elementary school and entrance to church yard Monument to mark the birthplace of Veselin and Brano Gavrić Monument 1982 Yes
Priboj Village centre Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Yes Existed before 1960, and renovated in 1961. Monument to 1992-95 war added
Priboj Jasike Plaque to commemorate birthplace of NH Dujo Rikić Memorial Plaque
Priboj Grujčići hill Monument to commemorate the Gligorović brothers Monument 1983 Yes
Površnice Left side of Tuzla-Lopare road Monument to mark the place of death of fighters of the 2nd Majevica Detachment Monument 1950 Yes
Mačkovac Mačkovac 48 Monument to Jovo Mitrašević Monument
Mačkovac Outside wood processing factory Bust of Fadil Jahić Španac Bust 1985 Savo Maksimović Pedestal almost certainly by Dražen Kosec.
Gornji Mačkovac Close to Monument to the Uprising Plaque to commemorate Tomislav Herljević Memorial Plaque Relocated here in 1985 from Kozjak
Gornji Mačkovac Zborište Monument to the Uprising Monument
Gornji Mačkovac Plaque to commemorate Savo Savić Memorial Plaque 1974 Resembles a headstone. possibly replaced plaque dating to 1949.
Jablanica Vidovići, Jablanica 260 Plaque to commemorate house of NH Milak Tešić Mikelja Memorial Plaque 1959 Yes House reconstructed 1969
Jablanica Site of former elementary school Monument to commemorate KPJ meeting in February 1942 Monument
Piperi Property of Petra Antić Monument to mark the place of death of NH Krsto Bjeletić Monument Still existed in 2010.
Vakuf Monument to commemorate the start of the Uprising on Majevica Monument
Brusnica Šašulje, close to bridge Monument to commemorate place of execution of 36 Victims of Fascist Terror Monument Yes Heavily renovated in 2008 or 2009, with cross added.
Pirkovci Mihajlovići Monument to mark site of execution of Jovo Mitrašević and Ljubo Stefanović Majevac Monument 1985
Koraj Opposite Dom Kulture Koraj Memorial Park Memorial Park 1975 Ismet Mujezinović Yes May 2023
Koraj Close to local clinic Plaque to commemorate fighters of the Majevica Brigade Memorial Plaque Pre-dates 1964
Pukiš Crossroads at entrance to village from direction of Čelić Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument Yes September 2018 New monument built at site of execution in 1990
Mrtvica Mrtvica 87, close to elementary school Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR Monument 1962 Yes Commemorates 15 fallen fighters.
Zajednice Crossroads between Lopare, Vukosavci and Priboj Monument at site of meeting held by Fadil Jahić Španac and Ivan Marković Irac Monument
Lopare Town park Monument to commemorate execution of Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1951
Koraj Memorial cemetery with obelisk Cemetery 1974 Hazim Handžić
Vukosavci Bust of Anton Macan Bust 1960 Dragiša Trifković
Koraj Village centre Collective grave of fallen fighters Communal Grave Created before 1960. Includes 26 fallen fighters, mainly from the Vojvodina Brigade.
Brusnička Rijeka Collective grave of 31 Victims of Fascist Terror Communal Grave Plaque scheduled for replacement in 1960.
Udrigovo Fountain to commemorate the 6th Eastern Bosnian Brigade Fountain 1989 Yes Damaged and no longer in function, but cleared of vegetation in recent years.