Doboj jug Municipality


The present-day municipality of Doboj Jug was separated from the pre-1992 municipality of Doboj as a result of the 1995 Dayton Accords, being established as a municipality in 1998. It consists of two settlements, Matuzići and Mravići, and is one of the smallest municipalities in the state, occupying an area of roughly 10.2 km2 in total.

As part of Doboj municipality, the NOB heritage of present-day Doboj Jug municipality was the subject of the 1986 book Od ustanka do pobjede - zbornik sjećanja iz NOR-a u dobojskom kraju (pp.467-542). Only 1 monument within the boundaries of present-day Doboj Jug municipality was documented as having existed at this time by this publication.

In the process of research, no currently valid documentation produced by municipal authorities could be found that mentions this monument, or any additional memorials to the People’s Liberation War created after 1986. Although Doboj Jug has created a spatial plan (spanning the period 2005-2020), no copy of this could be obtained during the course of research.

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Matuzići Village centre Monument to fallen fighters of the NOB Monument 1984 Drago Handanović, Petar Vajdić No June 2019 Monument entirely destroyed, with local clinic built on its site.

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Number Name
1 Monument in Matuzići
(precise coordinates can be obtained by contacting the author


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