Mostar Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Mostar Ul. Kralja Petra Krešimira IV Partisans' Memorial Cemetery Cemetery 1965 Bogdan Bogdanović Yes November 2014
Mostar Kanjina 10 (former) Plaque to commemorate illegal printworks run by Mujo Muštović Memorial Plaque No Dates to before 1965
Mostar Ul. Gojka Vukovića 11a Plaque to commemorate house of Gojko Vuković Memorial Plaque Dates to before 1965
Mostar Ćemalova 10 (former), Muftić family home Plaque to commemorate residence of Avdo Humo during organization of Uprising for Herzegovina Memorial Plaque 1949 Still existed as of 2017.
Mostar Park between Karađozbegova mosque and former municipal assembly building Bust of NH Rifat Frenjo Bust 1961 Florijan Mićković No Pedestal still in situ. Initiative to recreate bust began in 2019. Unveiled in 1985.
Mostar Južni Logor, Maršala Tita 294 Bust of NH Dr. Safet Mujić Bust 1961 Florijan Mićković Yes Possibly slightly relocated, and pedestal replaced.
Mostar Španski Trg Bust of NH Avdo Humo Bust 1985 Nikola Njirić In storage Located November 2020. Damaged.
Balinovac Scout Hall (inside) Bust of NH Mithat Haćam Aćim Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković
Balinovac Bust of NH Leo Bruk Bust 1985 Nikola Njirić
Mostar Naselje Rudnik, Trg Rudara (former) Bust of NH Ahmet Pintul Bust 1985 Nikola Njirić No Bust removed during or shortly after 1992-95 war. Pedestal removed in 2016. Monument to 1992-95 war constructed on its former location
Mostar Naselje Rudnik Monument to miners Monument No Damaged during 1992-95 war, demolished in late 1990s, with house constructed on former location.
Mostar At entrance to SOKO Mostar Bust of NH Ljubo Brešan Bust 1961 Florijan Mićković Unveiled 1985
Mostar Musala Park Bust of NH Hasan Zahirović Laca Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković Yes November 2018
Mostar Musala Park Bust of NH Mladen Balorda Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković Yes November 2018
Mostar Musala Park Monument to mark place of hanging of Alija Rizikalo and Drago Palavestra Monument Yes November 2018
Mostar Ul. Hrvatskih branitelja b.b., Health Centre Monument to Illegal Workers Monument Suleiman Đapo Yes November 2014 Created before 1977. Renovated in recent years. Memorial bench exists across the road, but in poor condition. Known locally as the 'Hidden Hand' monument
Mostar Ul. Maršala Tita, park in front of former Workers' Hall Bust of NH Jusuf Čevro Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković Unknown Bust no longer in situ, allegedly in storage. Pedestal removed 2020.
Blagaj Main street, next to AMKO Komerc Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters Memorial Plaque 1950 Replaced August 2019 Replaced 2013
Mostar Opine 19 Bust of Zlatka Vuković Bust 1986 Florijan Mićković Yes December 2019 Memorial plaque situated at foot of pedestal
Mostar Donja Mahala, Salko Pezo elementary school (former) Bust of NH Mustafa Ćemalović Ćimba Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković Yes
Mostar Grammar School (inside) Plaque to commemorate fallen students Memorial Plaque 1954 No Destroyed 1992
Mostar Braće Čišića, house of Sulejman Čišić (former) Plaque to commemorate SKOJ meeting held in July 1941 Memorial Plaque 1982
Mostar Close to former Ul. Suva Dronja Plaque to commemorate house of Sava Neimarović Memorial Plaque
Rujište On left of road leading from Potoci to the summit Monument to fallen fighters of the Mostar Batallion Monument 1975 Yes
Kruševo Beside elementary school Monument to the Liberators of Kruševo and Mostar Monument Yes Renovation works carried out prior to 1981. Monument to 1992-95 war built beside this monument
Čvrsnica mountain Veliki Kuk, Austro-Hungarian fortress Plaque to commemorate KPJ conference in 1938 Memorial Plaque 1968
Goranci Memorial ossuary Ossuary
Mostar Park in front of Hotel Ruža Bust of NH Adem Buć Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković
Mostar Park at crossroads in front of tobacco factory Bust of NH Karlo Batko Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković
Blagaj Park in front of elementary school Bust of NH Šefik Obad Bust 1985 Florijan Mićković
Mostar Tobacco factory (former) Plaque to commemorate workers' self-management Memorial Plaque 1960 In storage Removed by local activists to prevent destruction after closure of factory. Retained in storage.
Mostar Ul. Maršala Tita, former Workers' Hall Plaque to commemorate Labour Movement activities from 1936 to 1940 Memorial Plaque Yes In relatively poor condition, with lettering faded
Mostar Brkića 2 Plaque to commemorate opening of the theatre and 10th anniversary of the start of the Revolution Memorial Plaque 1951 Yes March 2020 Moderate condition, with large chunk missing on left hand side.
Mostar Ul. Ante Starčevića Plaque to commemorate railway workers who fell in the NOB Memorial Plaque 1955 Replaced March 2020 Broken in half by 2012. Replaced April 2016. Replacement plaque in good condition.
Mostar Stadion pod Bijelim Brijegom Monument to fallen fighters of the NOR Monument Re-dedicated Monument heavily damaged and repainted with red-and-white checkerboard pattern.
Mostar Bust of Gojko Vuković Bust No Allegedly thrown in the Neretva river in 1995.
Mostar Train station (former) Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Memorial Plaque Created prior to 1966
Mostar Bust of Dule Mučibabić Bust No
Mostar Fra Grga Martić Grammar School Bust of Veljko Vlahović Bust No Created 1977 or later. School was previously named after Veljko Vlahović
Mostar Ul. Gojka Vukovića 11a Relief of Gojko Vuković Artwork Still in situ late 1995
Ortiješ Collective grave of Victims of Fascist Terror Communal Grave Yes Grave of 14 civilians executed on 30 September 1944. Dedicatory plaque possibly replaced in recent years.