Kiseljak Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Kiseljak Next to Kiseljak elementary school Partisans' cemetery with 51 fallen fighters Cemetery 1955 Ranko Milanović Yes October 2021 Plaque created for memorial obelisk by Ranko Milanović in 1972. Heavily damaged in 1992. Plaque replaced prior to 2017, with surrounding area renovated in 2017.
Kiseljak Elementary school Monument to commemorate Rudi Čajavec Monument No October 2021 Made of a plane wing
Kiseljak Elementary school Bust of NH Rudi Čajavec Bust No October 2021 Destroyed early 1992. Pedestal lies on its side and broken in school courtyard.
Han Ploča Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Yes October 2021 Created during the 1950s.
Kiseljak Plaque to commemorate speech made by Đuro Đaković in 1921 Memorial Plaque 1953