Busovača Municipality


The municipality of Busovača lies in Central Bosnia Canton, in the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In a survey conducted in August 1966, 2 monuments and memorials to the NOB were recorded on the territory of the municipality (1 ossuary and 1 memorial plaque). The two memorials recorded in the 1966 study were described in detail in Smail Tihić’s monograph, Busovača (1971, 320 pp.), written to commemorate the town’s 600th anniversary. During the course of research, it was discovered that a further two monuments and memorials were created in Busovača prior to 1992 (one bust and one monument), bringing the total number of monuments and memorials to the NOB on the territory of Busovača municipality to 4. These sites were mapped and photographed by Ladislav Tomičić in October 2018.

In addition to the monuments documented in the report below, it should be noted that a number of Partisan fighters’ graves are mentioned as being located close to Busovača’s (former) train station in Milorad Gončin & Stevo Rauš’s monograph Prva Krajiška Udarna Proleterska Brigada (pp. 331-442), and National Hero Tihomir Jović (1906-1943) is also buried in a family plot in a local cemetery.

Busovača’s current spatial plan (2008, 83 pp.) only mentions one monument related to the NOB on the territory of the municipality; the memorial ossuary situated in the town’s central park (p.51).

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Busovača Branitelja Domovina Plaque to commemorate residence of Ivica Marušić Ratko and Alojz Bašić Memorial Plaque 1953 Yes October 2018 Made of black stone with white lettering. Slightly damaged.
Busovača Town park Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1966 Stanislav Mišić Yes October 2018 Cuboidal concrete ossuary with polished aluminium prismatic sculpture. Contains remains of 143 Partisan fighters. In relatively poor condition as of 2018, renovated late 2021.
Kaonik Kaonik elementary school Bust of Mirko Vejnović Bust 1977 No October 2018 Bronze bust in courtyard of elementary school. Removed c.1994.
Katići Monument to mark place of executions in November 1943 Monument 1987 Yes October 2018 Made of white limestone with polished white plaque and red lettering. Lettering heavily faded, and minor damage to monument.

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Number Name
1 Memorial plaque on Branitelja Domovina, Busovača
2 Memorial ossuary in the town park, Busovača
3 Bust of Mirko Vejnović, Kaonik
4 Monument to mark site of executions in 1943, Katići
(precise coordinates can be obtained by contacting the author


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