Mrkonjić Grad Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Kasimovac Left side of main road when leaving Mrkonjić Grad Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1967 Yes Design for monument by Borislav Kurilić in the mid 1970s seemingly never realized.
Kasimovac Brdo Monument to the NOB Monument 1954
Mrkonjić Grad Museum of ZAVNOBiH Museum 1953 Yes Building still exists, but museum no longer functions
Mrkonjić Grad Svetog Save 1 Spomen-dom ZAVNOBiH Memorial Hall 1973 Zdravko Karačić Yes No longer functions as a memorial hall, but still functions as town's cultural centre.
Mrkonjić Grad Ul. Pavla Dževera Plaque to commemorate Partisans’ hospital Memorial Plaque 1956
Mrkonjić Grad Park in town centre Bust of Pavle Džever Bust Yes Created between 1968 and 1975. Possibly not original location
Mrkonjić Grad Park in town centre Bust of Milja Đukanović Bust 1976 Yes Created between 1968 and 1975. Possibly not original location
Mrkonjić Grad Dom Kulture Bust of NH Đuro Pucar Stari Bust In storage Created after 1967. Moved into storage between 2011 and 2015.
Mrkonjić Grad Muzej ZAVNOBiH Bust of Vojislav Kecmanović "Đedo" Bust 1973 Alija Kučukalić No Heavily damaged in 1993. Pedestal placed in storage.
Mrkonjić Grad Bust of NH Hasan Brkić Bust No Created after 1967. Pedestal placed in storage
Gustovara Roljići, along main village road Monument to mark the place of formation of the Zmijanje Partisan Detachment Monument 1954 Yes
Šehovci Monument to the NOB Monument 1958
Previle Crossroads in village centre Monument to NH Simo Šolaja Monument 1950 Yes Dedicatory plaque replaced in recent years.
Previle Podorugla Monument to the NOB Monument 1954
Podgorja Ivovac Monument to the NOB Monument 1948
Gornja Podgorja Ivovac, property of Anđelić family Collective grave of Victims of Fascist Terror Communal Grave 1950 Yes June 2023 82 Victims of Fascist Terror buried here. Almost certainly renovated.
Podgorja Zmijareva Kuća Monument to the NOB Monument 1964
Mlinište Fountain to commemorate place of start of First Proletarian Brigade offensive in May 1944 Fountain 1954
Štrbina Monument to the NOB Monument 1956
Baraći Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1954 Yes
Mlinište Monument to those killed in 1941 Monument 1951 Yes Plaque missing. Consists of concrete obelisk, with relief of rifle above plaque.
Štrbina Along main road between Mrkonjić Grad and Baraći Memorial fountain to commemorate Uprising of 2nd August 1941 Fountain 1954 Yes
Mlinište In front of former train station Memorial train of the first Partisan train line Monument 1974 Yes Heavily rusted and not maintained. Although train pre-dates 1974, it was permanently located here then.
Gerzovo Elementary school (former) Plaque to commemorate conference held by Đuro Pucar Stari in December 1941 Memorial Plaque Pre-dates 1963. Building lies in ruins today.
Mlinište Former train station Museum of the Partisan train line Museum 1974 No Building lies in ruins. Museum created after closure of the train station
Mrkonjić Grad Health centre (former) Plaque to commemorate site of execution of 250 Victims of Fascist Terror Memorial Plaque Pre-dates 1975
Medna Lisica Plaque to commemorate the formation of the 3rd Krajinan Partisan Detachment Memorial Plaque
Mlinište Beside 'Mali Raj' restaurant Fountain to commemorate Tito leading military operations from the village in September 1942 Fountain Yes Created before 1977. Tap replaced in recent years
Trnovo Grujića jama Monument to mark pit into which NH Tomaš Žižić, NH Rifat Burdžović and NH Vladimir Knežević Volođa were thrown Monument 1977 Yes
Bočac Monument to commemorate civilians killed by Chetniks Monument
Mrkonjić Grad Town centre Plaque to commemorate meeting Memorial Plaque Situated on a private house
Podrašnica Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Consisted of 8 collective graves with c.35 fallen fighters in early 1960s.
Bjelajce Partisans' cemetery Cemetery
Baraći Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Created after 1961.
Štrbina Collective grave of fallen fighters Communal Grave Yes June 2023 Monument to 1992-95 war added to enclosure
Bjelajce Elementary school Bust of unknown person Bust No Created after 1967. Bust missing, pedestal still in situ as of September 2020. Almost certainly commemorated NH Pavle Džever.