Ugljevik Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Ugljevik Town centre Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 2009 Yes April 2021 Replica of ossuary from Stari Ugljevik, which was demolished due to mining activity
Stari Ugljevik Alongside R459 road Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1955 No Destroyed, and replica built in Ugljevik town centre. Still existed and awaiting demolition in 2017.
Donja Trnova Jovića brdo Monument dedicated to fighters of Srem & Eastern Bosnia Monument 1952 Leon Kabiljo, Jovan Kratohvil Yes April 2021
Donja Trnova House of Lazar Jović (former) Building in which Oslobođenje newspaper was first published Memorial House Yes November 2022 Restored 1975, opened as museum 1980.
Donja Trnova Filip Višnjić elementary school Bust of Vaso Jović Popac Bust
Crveno Brdo Monument to the NOB Monument
Ugljevik Selo Between reading room and cemetery Monument to the NOB Monument Yes
Janjari Elementary school Monument to the NOB Monument Yes
Donje Zabrđe Vuk Karadžić elementary school Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1981 Slobodan Lukić Re-dedicated Names of Chetnik fighters added in recent years.
Korenita Crossroads directly west of church Monument to the NOB Monument Yes
Maleševci Jovanovića Brdo Memorial obelisk at site of Partisan victory over Chetnik forces Monument 1952 Yes November 2022 Very poor condition and covered in graffiti. Monument to Chetnik fighters added beside in recent years.
Mezgraja Field approx. 300m SE of southernmost tip of Mezgrajsko Jezero Monument to fallen fighters Monument Yes
Bogutovo Selo Behind MZ building and sports terrain Monument to the NOB Monument Slobodan Lukić Yes
Tutnjevac Village crossroads Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Monument No Made of brick, and demolished in 1980s.
Tutnjevac Elementary school Monument to fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1988 Yes School was previously village reading room. Replaced former monument in village. Five-pointed star removed in 1992, and cross added 1998.
Mukat Ćetenište hill Monument to the NOB Monument 1982 Still existed as of 2012
Stari Ugljevik Elementary school Bust of Veljko Lukić Kurjak Bust Relocated Relocated to Donja Bukovica, Bijeljina
Donja Trnova Jakovići Plaque to commemorate site of printing house of KPJ Regional Committee Memorial Plaque 1949
Donja Trnova Pešaljevića gaj Pešaljevića gaj memorial complex Memorial Park Yes April 2021 Commemorates the Uprising of 1941 and several other events
Donja Trnova Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1964 Yes Initial burials occurred in 1945. Burials from surrounding area collected and re-interred at the site from 1960 to 1964.
Donja Trnova House of Lazar Jović (former) Plaque to commemorate publication of the first edition of Oslobođenje Memorial Plaque Yes November 2022 Possibly created in 1980 to replace previous plaque
Bogutovo Selo House of Mihail Milivojević (former) Plaque to commemorate preparations for the Uprising Memorial Plaque No Created before 1980. House destroyed by 2010, although efforts to reconstruct it undertaken in recent years.