Kneževo Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Kneževo Town centre Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1954 Yes In relatively poor condition. Contained 60 fallen fighters and 2 Victims of Fascist Terror by early 1970s, 158 burials in total today. Restored 2010.
Kneževo Partisans' cemetery Bust of Dujko Komljenović Bust Created after 1968.
Kneževo Partisans' cemetery Bust of Radojka Lakić Bust Created after 1968.
Kneževo Partisans' cemetery Bust of Đuro Pucar Stari Bust No Created after 1968.
Kneževo Partisans' cemetery Bust of Luka Radetić Bust Created after 1982
Kneževo Dositej Obradović elementary school Plaque to commemorate first KPJ regional conference in 1942 Memorial Plaque 1959 Yes
Vlatkovići Zlovarići Memorial plaque to commemorate the NOB Memorial Plaque
Borik Canyon of river Ugar, next to Banja Luka - Knezevo road Monument to the NOB Monument 1986 Yes
Djevojačka ravan Monument to the Imljani Partisan Detachment Monument
Imljani Vidovište Partisans' Cemetery with 53 fighters from nearby hospital Cemetery 1967 Sources vary as to whether cemetery contains 53 or 57 burials
Imljani Potkres Monument to the NOB Monument
Donji Korićani Communal grave of 107 partisans, 1 child, and 1 American pilot Communal Grave 1961 Yes Renovated 2010. Includes statue of a woman, said to represent Marija Mažar, who is buried here.
Petrovo Polje Near Petrovo Polje elementary school Memorial complex with 3 memorial plaques and fountain Monument 1983
Petrovo Polje Place where Supreme Command and Tito stayed Memorial Plaque Replaced Replaced 2006
Bastaji Fountain to commemorate 15 fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Fountain 1986 Yes Possibly constructed 1985. Monument to 1992-95 war added beside.
Bastaji Bust of Mihailo 'Miko' Pavlović Bust Created after 1968.
Rađići Vuk Karadžić elementary school Memorial fountain Fountain 1982
Rapta Čemernica mountain Monument to mark the place of death of Hasan Kikić Monument
Živinice Close to Orthodox church Memorial fountain to commemorate 10 fallen fighters Fountain 1987
Kneževo Elementary school Plaque to commemorate meeting of NOV in February 1942 Memorial Plaque Created prior to 1954