Šekovići Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Šekovići Stari Hrast Plaque to commemorate place of death of Nedo Mekić Memorial Plaque 1964 Relocated Created prior to 1984. Moved to wall of town's Geodetic Office, Ul. Palih boraca bb. Still existed as of 2022
Šekovići Park in front of library Bust of Miloš Zekić Bust 1989 Pero Jelisić Yes Unveiled 2014, after being kept in storage for many years
Šekovići Jovan Dučić elementary school Plaque to commemorate the VI Eastern Bosnian Brigade Memorial Plaque 1946 Unknown School also held an exhibition on the VI Eastern Bosnian Proletarian Brigade
Šekovići Close to bridge over the Drinjača Plaque to commemorate place of death of Josip Kovačević Memorial Plaque Unknown Created prior to 1984.
Lovnica Monument to the formation of the 6th Proleterian Eastern Bosnian Brigade Monument 1982 Dragiša Trifković Yes August 2023
Lovnica Monastery Museum of the NOB in the Birač Region Museum 1959 Unknown
Lovnica Monastery Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1961 Dragiša Trifković Yes
Lovnica Watermill Site at which Germans burned to death 26 youths and children Memorial Room Yes
Brajinci Krsta Hill Obelisk to commemorate the formation of the Birač Pioneer Division Monument 1973 Dragiša Trifković Yes Replaced an older monument at the same site
Brajinci Krsta Hill Plaque to commemorate location of Partisan printworks and printing of Front Slobode Memorial Plaque Unknown Created prior to 1984.
Dubačkići Monument to wounded Partisans killed by Chetniks Monument 1984 Unknown Still existed as of 2018
Mekota Plaque to commemorate regional military command post Memorial Plaque Unknown Created prior to 1984.
Mihajlovići Fountain to commemorate site of Partisan hospital Fountain Unknown Created prior to 1984.
Muzulje Bijela zemlja Fountain to commemorate Partisan attack led by Ivan Marković Irac against Domobrani Fountain 1980 Replaced August 2023 Replaced by plaque in 2014.
Papraća Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1953 Yes Monument to Chetnik fighters from 1941-45 built nearby
Betanj Pećina Memorial fountain to commemorate Partisan victory over German forces Fountain 1952 Unknown
Lovnica Cave close to source of the Lovnica river Plaque to mark the site of execution of wounded Partisans in 1944 Memorial Plaque
Gornji Brajinci Plaque to commemorate hospital of the III Corps of the NOVJ Memorial Plaque 1971 Yes