Zvornik Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Zvornik Ul. Svetog Save Memorial ossuary of 75 fighters of First Proletarian Brigade Ossuary Dragiša Trifković, Jusuf Begović, Mehmed Hrasnica Yes May 2023 Monument to 1992-95 war added at a later date. Undergoing significant renovations in 2023.
Zvornik Ul. Svetog Save Grave of Filip "Fića" Kljajić Grave 1961 Jusuf Begović Yes May 2023 Begović's additions were created in 1983
Zvornik Park in front of (former) Hotel Drina Sculpture of NH Filip Kljajić Artwork 1963 Vladeta Petrić Yes May 2023 Unveiled in 1965. Temporarily removed and re-installed in 2019
Zvornik Park in front of Sveti Sava elementary school Bust of Mitar Trifunović Učo Bust Pero Jelisić Yes May 2023 Created after 1976.
Zvornik Bolnička 54 Plaque to commemorate Command of First Proletarian Division in 1943 Memorial Plaque 1951 Yes May 2023 Re-installed on building after renovation
Zvornik Bolnička 56 Plaque to commemorate place where remains of Filip Kljajić were held Memorial Plaque Unknown Allegedly taken down and re-installed c.2019. No longer visible in 2023.
Liplje Monument to commemorate original burial place of NH Filip Kljajić Monument 1961 In very poor condition
Zvornik Kula Grad, close to Austro-Hungarian barracks Memorial ossuary with obelisk Ossuary 1966 No Church now stands on former location.
Divič Right side of Zvornik-Vlasenica road, approximately 200 metres from Hotel Vidikovac Fountain to commemorate fallen fighters and Victims of Fascist Terror Fountain 1957 Yes June 2024
Drinjača On right side of Zvornik-Vlasenica road Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1966 Re-dedicated Components possibly added in 1976 and/or 1979. In very poor condition in 2014, heavily renovated 2015.
Drinjača Spomen-dom Plaque to commemorate the 2nd Majevica Assault Battalion Memorial Plaque 1979 No
Drinjača Close to elementary school Memorial hall of the 2nd Majevica Assault Battalion Memorial Hall 1979 Yes Included memorial exhibition. Now disused.
Drinjača Elementary school Bust of NH Svetozar Vuković Zarko Bust 1973 Dragiša Trifković Yes Seemingly identical to bust formerly located in Kalesija
Drinjača Football stadium Monument to citizens executed in the NOR Monument 1991 Never completed, due to outbreak of 1992-95 war
Liješanj Mountaineers' hut Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1983 Yes Building was formerly an elementary school. Plaque to commemorate 1992-95 war added to ossuary in 2022
Liješanj Mountaineers' hut Plaque to commemorate Stojan Koraksić Memorial Plaque 1983 Building was formerly an elementary school.
Oraovac Elementary school Monument to the NOR Monument 1956
Oraovac Elementary school Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters Memorial Plaque
Petkovci Village centre, next to Dom Kultura Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1964 Yes Monument to 1992-95 war added beside
Grbavci Elementary school Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1956 Includes memorial plaque added in 1989
Kozluk Close to 'Vitinka' source Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1966 Yes Possibly dates to 1960
Kozluk Between Dom Kultura and elementary school Memorial obelisk to commemorate fallen fighters Monument 1953 Yes
Šepak Approx. 40 m north-west of mosque Memorial fountain Fountain 1990 Yes
Pilica Village centre, close to 'Zvorničanka' shopping centre Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 1959 Yes May 2021 Renovated in 1975, monument to 1992-95 war added beside in recent years