Trnovo RS Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Trnovo Next to Dom Kulture Memorial ossuary of fallen fighters Ossuary 1960 Petar Krstić Yes Approx. 160 Partisans buried here. Additions to site made in 1973. Removed from provisional list of National Monuments in 2015, due to theft of sculpture which occurred after 1995.
Trnovo Dom Kulture Bust of Unknown Person Bust No Stolen 2006
Trnovo Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 37, 4th April elementary school (former) Plaque commemorating liberation of Trnovo on 4 April 1945 Memorial Plaque 1969
Trnovo Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 4 (former) Plaque to commemorate house of NH Boriša Kovačević Memorial Plaque
Trnovo Municipality building Plaque to commemorate house at which soldiers rested after Igman March Memorial Plaque 1972 Yes Former address Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 54
Trnovo Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 71 (former) Plaque to commemorate birthplace of Neđo Kovačević Memorial Plaque 1949
Trnovo Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 125 (former) Plaque to commemorate formation of SKOJ committee Memorial Plaque 1949
Trnovo Jahorinskog Partizanskog Odreda 80 (former) Plaque to commemorate formation of first People's Liberation Committee in this area Memorial Plaque 1961
Trnovo Mladena Vlaškog 8 (former) Plaque to commemorate location of Partisan hospital Memorial Plaque 1971
Rogoj Communal grave of 17 Partisan fighters Communal Grave 1962
Rajski Dol Hunters' lodge (former) Plaque commemorating 3 fallen Partisan fighters Memorial Plaque 1971