Istočna Ilidža Municipality


The present-day municipality of Istočna Ilidža was separated from the pre-1992 municipality of Ilidža. Today it lies in the Republika Srpska entity.

As part of Ilidža municipality within the larger Sarajevo region, the NOB heritage of present-day Istočna Ilidža municipality was the subject of the 1989 book Spomenici Revolucije Grada Sarajeva, authored by Vesna Mušeta-Aščerić (pp.91-114). Within the boundaries of present-day Istočna Ilidža municipality, a total of 4 monuments were documented as having existed at this time, all of which survive today (albeit with the memorial ossuary in Kasindo having been heavily altered as a result of the theft of its bronze statue in November 2010 and subsequent renovations in 2012). In the process of research, no currently valid documentation produced by municipal authorities could be found that mentions any of these monuments or memorials, or any additional memorials created after 1989.

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Kasindo Mjesna Zajednica building Plaque to commemorate meeting for preparations for the Uprising in 1941 Memorial Plaque 1961 Yes May 2018 Black stone plaque with white writing. In excellent condition.
Grlica Ul. Srpskih Junaka Fountain to commemorate 40th Anniversary of the KPJ Fountain 1959 Yes May 2018 Small fountain no longer in function. In poor condition, although metal plaque survives.
Kasindo Ul. Kasindolskog Bataljona Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1955 Marijan Kocković Yes May 2018 Large bronze statue stolen November 2010. Renovated 2012, with monument to 1992-95 added.
Krupac Krupačka Stijena Monument to events in 1941-42 and 1945 Monument 1986 Dženana Goleš Yes July 2016 Concrete abutment set into rock outcrop, with black stone memorial plaque and star.

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Number Name
1 Plaque to commemorate meeting for preparations for the Uprising in 1941, Kasindo
2 Fountain to commemorate 40th Anniversary of the KPJ, Grlica
3 Memorial ossuary, Kasindo
4 Monument to events in 1941-42 and 1945, Krupačka Stijena
(precise coordinates can be obtained by contacting the author


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