Vlasenica Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Vlasenica Military cemetery Memorial ossuary of first people involved in the Uprising Communal Grave 1946 Re-dedicated Remodelled in 1987 and re-dedicated in 2017. Now virtually unrecognizable, with cross added and mentions of the Uprising removed.
Vlasenica Town park Monument to fallen fighters of the Birač region Monument 1958 Mirko Ostoja Yes
Ružina voda Plaque to commemorate actions of the Šumadija Division in 1914 and defence of Vlasenica in 1942 Memorial Plaque 1952 Yes
Donji Zalukovik Elementary school Fountain to commemorate the NOB Fountain 1974 Possibly also a separate memorial plaque on the school building
Vlasenica Elementary school Plaque to commemorate the 19th Birač Brigade Memorial Plaque 1964
Vlasenica Memorial obelisk Monument
Vlasenica House of Hasan Jošić (former) Plaque to commemorate the Command of the III Corps Memorial Plaque Created before 1961.
Vlasenica Memorial plaque Memorial Plaque
Vlasenica Memorial plaque Memorial Plaque