Ravno Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Zavala Village centre Monument to fallen fighters of the NOB Monument 1958 Nandor Glid, Mile Jovanović Yes April 2019 Very poor condition. Included bronze statue to right (North) of monument, added in 1964.
Zavala Bust of Lazo Pribišić Bust 1971 Nandor Glid Possibly created c. 1966
Zavala Edge of pit Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument
Zagradinje House of Jovo Pamučina (former) Plaque to commemorate collection point for smuggled and captured materials used by the Partisan movement Memorial Plaque 1961 Plaque created by SBNOR Dubrovnik
Velja Meda Plaque to commemorate the NOB Memorial Plaque 1962
Slivnica Plaque to commemorate seat of regional KPJ Committee Memorial Plaque 1961
Požarno Home of the Anđušić family Plaque to commemorate meeting point for Partisans from Herzegovina, Dubrovnik and Kotor Bay Memorial Plaque 1951
Orahov Do Memorial ossuary of Victims of Fascist Terror Ossuary
Čavaš Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1956 No Destroyed March 1993. Remnants of monument relocated to Tvrdoš monastery in Trebinje municipality at some point prior to 2011. Memorial chapel built at the site in 2020.
Vlaka Monument to commemorate victory by the Bobani Partisan Company in 1941 Monument 1963
Zagradinje Train station (former) Plaque to commemorate battle in February 1942 Memorial Plaque 1961
Zavala In front of train station Plaque to commemorate battles in December 1941, September 1943 and March 1944 Memorial Plaque