Gradačac Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Gradačac Corner of Hadžiefendijina and Josipa Šibera Plaque on the birthplace of Josip Šiber Memorial Plaque 1959 Yes December 2020
Gradačac Town park Bust of Hasan Kikić Bust 1958 See description Yes December 2020 Variously attributed to Mirko Ostoja and Frano Kršinić. Identical bust in Sarajevo attributed to Ivan Sabolić.
Gradačac Town park Bust of NH Pero Bosić Bust Ibrahim Bilajac Replaced December 2020 Replaced some time after 2012
Gradačac Town park Bust of Josip Šiber Bust Ibrahim Bilajac Yes December 2020 Riddled with several bullet holes
Gradačac Ul. Titova, 'Premier' betting shop Plaque to mark Regional HQ of KPJ 1943-44 Memorial Plaque 1949 Yes December 2020
Gradačac Inside fortress Monument to the Liberation of Gradačac Monument 1952 Yes December 2020
Srnica Elementary school Plaque to mark the place of death of NH Vojko Milovanović Memorial Plaque Replaced December 2020
Gradačac Cinema on Ul. Husein Kapetana Gradaščevića Plaque to mark place of execution of Raif Šaldić Memorial Plaque 1955 Yes April 2019
Gradačac Town park, at foot of fortress Memorial ossuary Ossuary 1969 Ibrahim Bilajac Yes April 2019 Possibly replaced Partisans' cemetery established in the town in 1954. Heavily renovated 2007. At one point included sculpture by Mirko Ostoja.
Svirac Opposite mosque Plaque to commemorate fallen fighters Memorial Plaque 1952 Yes December 2020 Plaque replaced at some point after 1960, with an additional 4 fighters' names added.
Donja Srnica Plaque to commemorate battle of Posava-Trebava Partisan Detachment Memorial Plaque 1955 Replaced October 2018
Zelinja Local clinic Plaque to commemorate treatment of injured during 6th Enemy Offensive Memorial Plaque 1974 Yes April 2019
Zelinja Local clinic Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1961 Mirko Ostoja Relocated April 2019 Located to village some time after 1992. Originally in Gradačac town centre, at multiple locations.
Vučkovci Elementary school Monument to fallen fighters & Victims of Fascist Terror Monument Re-dedicated December 2020 Heavily restored, with memorial to 1992-95 added. Identical to monument in Jagare, Banja Luka.
Mionica Community hall Monument to the formation of the Mionica Company Monument 1986 Yes December 2020
Gradačac Town park Bust of Vojko Milovanović Bust No Destroyed in early 1992
Srnica Elementary school Bust of Vasa Pelagić Bust No Destroyed in early months of 1992
Gradačac Partisans' cemetery Cemetery 1954
Gradačac High school Bust of Hasan Kikić Bust 1952 Ivan Sabolić
Gradačac Plaque to commemorate the place of death of NH Pero Bosić Memorial Plaque 1950
Gradačac Cinema Plaque to mark the place of death of Raif Šaldić Memorial Plaque 1950 Replaced Replaced by new plaque in 1955.
Srnica Community hall Plaque to mark the entry of the VI Proletarian Eastern Bosnian Brigade into the village Memorial Plaque 1952
Gradačac Plaque to commemorate place of death of Đoko Čuskić Žiko Memorial Plaque 1955 Possibly lies in present-day Brčko District
Gradačac School Plaque to commemorate students who fell in the NOB Memorial Plaque 1959 Strajo Petrović
Srnica Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Contained 24 fallen fighters by 1959. Created between 1952 and 1954.
Mionica Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Contained 20 fallen fighters by 1959. Created between 1952 and 1954.