Donji Žabar Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Donji Žabar Svetog Save 87, residential property Monument to the formation of the 1st Posavska Unit in 1941 Monument 1973 Yes June 2020 Consists of black granite plaque set into a limestone stela. In very good condition

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Number Name
1 Monument to the formation of the First Posavina Company, Donji Žabar
(precise coordinates can be obtained by contacting the author


Municipal Assembly of Donji Žabar (25 August 2014). Закључак о прихватању Информације о стању уређења и одржавања спомен обиљежја на подручју Општине Доњи Жабар. Službeni glasnik XXI/10, Law 137, pp.18-19.

Tihić, Smail (1981) Dovršena akcija na poslovima terenske evidencije i analizi spomen obilježja NOR-a i revolucije in Naše Starine XIV-XV (1981) pp.253-256.