Gacko Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Ulinje Plaque to commemorate formation of 1st Gacko Partisan Battalion Memorial Plaque 1951
Samobor Plaque to commemorate formation of regional KPJ & SKOJ committees Memorial Plaque Created prior to 1986.
Dramešina Plaque to commemorate formation of first regional NOO Memorial Plaque 1951
Gacko Trg Džemala Bijedića bb., municipality building (former) Plaque to commemorate X Herzegovinian brigade & IV Montenegrin Brigade Memorial Plaque 1952
Gacko Town centre Plaque to commemorate liberation of Gacko by XI Herzegovinian Brigade Memorial Plaque No Created prior to 1963
Gacko Bust of NH Kosta Bjelogrlić Bust Created prior to 1986.
Gacko Bust of NH Mileta Okiljević Bust Created prior to 1986.
Gacko Bust of NH Obren Šupić Bust Created prior to 1986.
Ljeskov Dub Village cemetery Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument 1959 Yes Renovated in recent years, and now clad in black stone with cross on top.
Gacko Town centre, close to main square Monument to fallen SKOJ activists Monument Yes Created prior to 1962.
Čemerno Živanj Plaque to commemorate NH Petar Leković Memorial Plaque 1982
Gatačko Polje Monument to battles on Gat in 1943 and 1944 Monument
Gatačko Polje Partisan cemetery with 408 burials Cemetery 1962
Gacko Silos, at exit of town toward Bileća Plaque on building in which first Herzegovinian Narodni Front meeting was held Memorial Plaque 1954
Gacko Town park 'Carrying the Wounded' sculpture Monument 1955 Marijan Kocković Yes
Izgori Trnova Luka, Grab Monument to mark place of formation of IV & V Montenegrin Proletarian Brigades Monument Created prior to 1963.
Klinje Monument to commemorate meeting place of Serb & Muslim youth to counter occupation Monument Created prior to 1975.
Gacko Partisans' cemetery Cemetery Yes Created before 1961. Includes large communal grave with plaques to identify individual known fighters. Petitioned as a National Monument of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2003.
Gornja Bodežišta Bukva Monument to commemorate fallen fighters Monument 1950 Yes
Izgori Along Gacko - Tjentište road, close to kafana Monument to the Montenegrin Brigade Monument Yes Restored in recent years
Gacko Partisans' cemetery Plaque to commemorate the I & II Proletarian Brigades Memorial Plaque
Gacko Town square, close to new church Monument to the XXIX Herzegovinian Division Monument 1984
Samobor Gat Monument to the I & II Proletarian Brigades Monument
Borač Monument to NH Petar Leković Monument
Novi Dulići Monument to fallen fighters Monument Created prior to 1963.
Vrba Fountain to commemorate fighters who fell in June 1942 Fountain Created prior to 1963. Fountain no longer in function by 1986.
Lipnik Plaque to commemorate order to initiate the Uprising Memorial Plaque 1950
Gacko Monument to 32 Victims of Fascist Terror killed in June 1941 Monument 1960
Čemerno Collective grave of fallen fighters Communal Grave 1954 Contains 32 fallen fighters of the III Dalmatian Division and XVI Muslim Brigade.
Izgori To right of main road leading to Gacko Plaque to mark the place of death of Mirčeta Golović Memorial Plaque Yes Created before 1963. Heavily altered after original creation.