Kalesija Municipality

Monuments & Memorials

Village/MZ Address Name Type Year Author Still Exists Date Mapped Description
Kalesija Dom Kulture Memorial ossuary with 413 fallen fighters Ossuary 1969 Aleksandar Kostić, Dragiša Trifković No August 2020 Destroyed in 1996. No trace survives. Public fountain built at former location.
Kalesija Dom Kulture Bust of NH Svetozar Vuković Zarko Bust Dragiša Trifković Relocated Created after 1970. Placed in storage in 1996. Relocated to Tuzla in 2005.
Kalesija Ul. Senada Mehdina Hodžića Monument to mark place of death of NH Slobodan Bajić Paja and approximately 50 fighters Monument 1952 No August 2020 Destroyed in 1996. Memorial plaque added to commemorate former location c.2009, and additional plaque to commemorate NH Slobodan Bajić Paja and approximately 50 Partisan fighters who fell in the surrounding area added in 2019.
Memići Village centre Monument to fallen fighters Monument 1957 Yes August 2020 Renovated 2009, with new commemorative plaque added
Jeginov Lug Monument to Victims of Fascist Terror Monument Commemorates 287 Victims of Fascist Terror. Badly damaged or destroyed during 1990s.
Kikači Monument to Ilija Strugar Monument 1946 Yes